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How to put your ideas down on paper? Don't know where to start?
Let Jessika help you frame your writing projects to maximize your time and create your writing potential. Dr. Satori has published a book, a newsletter, several articles, and poetry chapbooks.

Synchronicity: The Entrepreneur's Edge

Jessika's first book, Synchronicity: The Entrepreneur's Edge, was published by Butterworth-Heinemann Press. Within its pages includes a research study with the decision making of successful entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs were asked about the elements of meaningful coincidences in the building of their business, including generating business ideas, finding venture capital, and gaining board members and employees. Entrepreneurs include Donna Maltz of Ah!Laska, George Zimmer of the Men's Wearhouse, and Marjorie Kelly of Business Ethics Magazine.

It is an essential book for creating successful and maintaining small business through communication. Synchronicity has been used for a textbook at UCLA and Lansing Community College in Michigan, and several book clubs.

In addition to Synchronicity, Jessika's ideas have appeared in Perspectives in Business and Global Change; Inner Edge Magazine, and Tom Brown's Management General website.

"Jessika Satori's book clarifies and amplifies what I have known all along. There are times when the solutions I'd been looking for just fall into place synchronistially. I recommend her book for entrepreneurs—both novice and established—and others who wan tot learn how this astounding phenomenon of synchronicity can help improve their business and their lives . . ." John Schaeffer, Founder and CEO, Real Goods Trading Corporation. "Synchronicity is a fascinating study of how conscious and unconscious information come together to make important things happen. . .This process rings true to my own experience and is well described in this wonderful book." ... Ida Cole, Founding Director, Seattle's Paramount Theatre.

To obtain a copy of Synchronicity, call 206.463.3377 or purchase from a local or on-line bookstore.